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‘Vaasthu Rajah’ S.Rajahgopaal, is a prominent Vaasthu, Cosmic Energy and Ground water source consultant with civil engineering back ground, offering vaasthu consultancy for more than 15 years.

Methodology is based on Vaasthu (Building) energy level improvement. Even a very poor energy level can be improved to the maximum positive energy level without modification of structure. Advice for all types of building in pre construction and post-construction stage is given.

In my experience, during vaasthu consultation, I have come across so many people suffering myriad of problems because of poor building energy level. The problem should be identified properly and accordingly it will get removed. The energy level is like our human body, when it is low the person can not perform or discharge his duty in a proper manner. Like that, if the living or working place energy level is poor nothing will take place easily; also it will give some negative effects for the place or the person who ever occupy the place.

A wonderful scientific technology with divine power that works with cosmic power gives predictions within a fraction of second. We can achieve career growth, promotions and improvements in Business & Personal life. With different frequencies it can determine the physical health and mental strength of a human, either in person or at a distance.

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Vaasthu (Energy vaasthu Science): It is our traditional architectural construction that is always dealt with vaasthu shastra based on Science. When there is naadi imbalance with vaatha, piththa, sleshma in our body, we fall sick. Similarly when there is an imbalance in the natural (Five) elements within the place where we live, it radiates negative energy and affects mental peace in human beings living within the defective area.

The matter of owning a house is not a question but it is the matter of living in it. In my personal experience when I go for Vaasthu consultancy, I am able to feel the positive and negative energies in my body. Accordingly I give prediction and suggest remedy without incurring major expenses to modify structure. Whoever followed the vaasthu principle sincerely, will gain success, happiness, wealth and health.

Services offered:

  • Preliminary  and detailed survey of the place
  • Inputs to devise the plan as per vaasthu
  • Water divine / Ground water source, feasibility and depth of water available
  • Water divining without visiting the site
  • Identify the earth / building energy( GEOPATHY STRESS)
  • Remedy for the improper vaasthu building without demolition
  • To know about the details of any person without meeting him personally
  • To find out the energy level of the place and person
  • Improving the energy of the place by installing the energy materials without any modification / alteration of the building.
  • To find out a person’s future, career growth etc.

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S. Rajahgopaal

Bangalore address:

Vaasthu & cosmic divine energy consultant

No.46,17 Cross,18 main,

5 phase, J.P.Nagar, Bangalore-560078

Mobile no. 9840249266



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